All visits scheduled by the organization are included in the registration. In case someone has gone by car to El Anillo and wants to move around the area, the nearest village is Zarza de Granadilla, where there are supermarkets, restaurants, swimming pool, etc. Within a radius of 50 km there are several towns of tourist interest, such as Plasencia and Hervás, and various routes through the natural environment. However, El Anillo only has vending machines with certain prepared foods and bevereages. Therefore, we recommend you bring any food that you consider essential in your diet and out of the conventional. 

Participants are strongly advised to bring:

  • caps or hats
  • sunscreen
  • rigid bottle of water
  • mosquito repellent
  • swimsuit
  • sport shoes
  • knee pads
  • bath and shower towels
  • personal care products
  • food to take between the main meals (seeds, juice, energy bars...)