It is a contemporary dance project split in:

An open Festival held in different municipalities of the province of Cáceres, most of them located in rural areas, on June, July and August, and with which it is intended to spread this art through initiation workshops, performances in outdoor spaces or theatres and video dance projections produced in the region.

… And an international summer intensive for professional and semi-professional dancers, to be held at the International Sports Innovation Center in the Natural Environment «El Anillo», and which brings as a novelty the promotion of sport as a complementary activity to dance and as a healthy leisure alternative. It consists of a week of contemporary dance workshops and sport and cultural activities can also enjoy shows and complementary activities throughout the course. The scope of the meeting is both national and international, proposing an alternative vacation in a little known area.

The intensive will take place in the facilities of the International Sports Innovation Center in Nature «El Anillo», located in the region of Trasierra-Tierras de Granadilla, Cáceres del 23 al 28 de julio.

The idea of this intensive course was born after a previous project in these facilities, in which for a few days we combined dance with research in sport. Our stay there allowed us to get to know the area better and discover all the possibilities of this privileged space. As a result, we recorded a video dance through the RCPD "Mariemma" in which the multiple possibilities of this building and the environment surrounding can be appreciated:

On the other hand, in a radius of less than 30 Km we can find the Roman ruins of the city ofe Caparra, seat of the festival of Classical Theatre of Merida; or the Medieval Village of Granadilla, declared as Historic Artistic Site.Similarly, the adjacent regions do not have a wide cultural offer in this field, providing a good opportunity for its inhabitants to come into contact with a form of art that is difficult for them to access. The survival in time of this type of events places on the map the locality that hosts it, and is an attraction for the followers of the dance and their families, who can enjoy a different type of leisure in a highly attractive environment.