Touching air-José Reches

The basic aim of "Touching the Air" is to prepare the dancer’s body for a broad spectrum of movement possibilities, in terms of form, dynamics or qualities. In the development of the class we will work in a specific way the perception of the weight and its intensities, both in the ground and in the vertical. We will evolve by body propulsion, falls, acrobatic elements, recoveries and suspensions, always in a search for fluidity and volumes of movement at different spatial levels. All this without forgetting the orientation and transfer of the body, with the flexibility of the spine as the genesis of movement.

From Inside to outside-Marion Sparber

We started the class by opening up our channels of alertness and awareness by crossing space with different guidelines and tasks. Heating focuses on going through the whole body and expanding our flexibility and strength. We use the momentum and idea of the game in our movement to connect with our internality, our personality which also connects with our exterior. An important focus throughout this early part of the class is the natural flow of breath. With the help of exercises in different constellations - in group, with a companion and just-listening to the weight of our body, we use gravity and out of center along with the control of the supports and impulses that travel throughout the body. With the idea of the totality of the body we go up and down, we use our hands as feet and feet instinctively and sensitively to be able to direct the weight of our body through space.

Shared levitation-Marion Sparber y Alan Fuentes

Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes like to focus their work on an organic partnership mode, based on action/reaction principles. Using exercises in different constellations, changing and adapting each time to a new partner and a new world - we listen, follow and direct movement like an organism functioning in space. We prepare to jump, cross, push, pull, hug and suspend the other.