Técnica de danza contemporánea - Miguel Ángel Punzano

RELEASE, FLOORWORK, TRAVELING, CHOREOGRAPHIC MATERIAL The release proposes an approach to the movement from the search for efficiency, maximum effectiveness-minimal effort, through the study of human biology (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics...). A work that will help us conceive the physical preparation and technique of a broader and healthier way. Through Floorwork we will learn to relate to the ground in a more versatile way. On the one hand, we will learn to use the ground as preparation for elements that Later they will be worked vertically. On the other hand, we will learn skills that will allow us to move on the ground with more agility, as well as enter and exit it with greater ease and elegance. Traveling consists of displacement work in space. We will learn to move using gravity as an ally, experiencing movement as a continuous fall. It will help us to understand better concepts such as weight, axis, alignment, imbalance, management of the center of gravity and the use of the arms. Each day we will end the session with a choreographic sequence, a movement phrase that will allow us to apply the technical contents of the class in a global and integrated way in the movement flow.

Laisser faire - Clémentine Télésfort

This workshop will guide participants through an exploration of their movement from observing the structure of the body as a whole. We will play with physical investigations that will help us to place physical blockages and unnecessary tensions for the functionality of the movement. It will allow us to acquire a greater awareness of our movement patterns and develop a greater intuition in our improvisation skills and movement functionality. It will work from principles of biomechanics and practice will aim to bring fluidity and "soft power" (a soft power) to our structure and joints from the application of games and research of various body states. Inspired by concepts from different disciplines such as martial arts, contact and somatic practices, Clementine’s class invites us to listen to the inner movements of the body and inspire us to compose creatively every moment with greater sensitivity. " My interest is to move away from the urge to do, and practice a sensitive listening quality, to allow our structure to flow freely into the changing landscapes of our dance".

Improvisation and creation - José Reches

The improvisation and creation workshops will take place in various locations of El Anillo and other natural and heritage sites linked to the intensive. Creativity and technique go hand in hand in various creative proposals in which the moment, the environment and the people who inhabit it are fundamental elements.