Diana Bonilla

I began my studies in 1996 in classical dance, Spanish dance and flamenco in Madrid. In 1999 I continued my training in contemporary dance with the master Francesc Bravo, contact improvisation with Cristiane Boullosa as my main reference, capoeira with the Master Pantera and improvisation technique with Shahar Dor, Katie Duck, Julien Hamilton and David Zambrano among others. I live in Berlin where I study with multiple teachers who influence my training as Stephanie Maher, Keith Hennessy, Jess Curtis, Joerg Hassmann. Since 2002 I dance in different companies and for different choreographers like Cristiane Boullosa, Francesc Bravo (Cía Rayo Malayo). I work as a dancer and assistant choreographer Mey-Ling Bisogno in multiple works since 2009 (www.meylingbisogno.info). As an improviser and performer I participated in the project Omos Unoperforming periodically since 2008 on independent circuits throughout Spain (www.omosuno.com).

I teach CI and regularly organize Contact Improvisation festivals in Madrid since 2006. I am part of the teaching team of the IC Training of Madrid and Bilbao (www.espaciofci.com). I organize EXIN since 2014 with teachers such as David Zambrano, Edivaldo Ernesto, Sara Shelton Mann and Meg Stuart. (www.exindance.com).