Clémentine Télésfort

Clémentine Télésfort is a French dancer who has been performing and teaching both in Europe and Asia since 2012. She trained at TrinityLaban in London and then at the Verve Company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, where she received the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Since then she has worked with companies such as Guy Nader and Maria Campos Company, Lali Ayguadé Company, Anton Lachky, Jamaal Burkmar and Gecko in England. In addition to being a performer, Clémentine has developed her own choreographic language over the years and her works have been performed at several festivals in Europe.

She also continues to investigate different disciplines such as physical theater and clown, contact, or the study of somatic practices and martial arts such as Systema (Art Marcial Rus) with Rob Poyton and Alexander Solovyev and Play-fight with Bruno Caverna. In 2019 she curated and directed the first edition of an International Rural Cultural Festival, the «PinkHouse Festival» in northern France.