Sonia Rodríguez

Her professional career began as an interpreter and dancer for the Ca Provisional Dance (Madrid 1992-1996) then continued with Cia Charleroi Danses (Belgium 1996-1998), Cia En-Knap (Slovenia 1999-1998) and Cia Gissela Rocha (Zurich 1999). After working in different projects and companies she joined Cia Rui Horta (Germany 1999-2002) where besides being a dancer she also took the part as an assistant of choreography creating pieces for different companies like Scottish Dance Theater (Scotland) and Cia Norrdans (Sweden).

In 2002 her professional career brought her to England, working with Cía H2dance (London 2002-2003) and continued with being assistant of choreography and interpreter of the Cía Lanonima Imperial (Barcelona, Spain 2003-2005); Cia Lior Lev (Stuttgart, Germany 2005); Cía Cobosmika (Barcelona, Spain 2005-2006) and Cía La Baraka (Lyons, France 2006-2008) ald collaborates with Yann Lheureux (Montpellier).

Her choreographic career started in 2002 with the solo Caos, awarded in the 8th International Solo Dance Theater Festival of Sttutgart and the Festival Danza Calvia 2005. Along these years she has created: 15m, Azar, Signs, Zufridenheit, Cuasar, El habla del cuerpo, Forbidden Colours II y Mabel.

In the last ten years she has been invated teacher in the Conservatorio de Portugal (Lisboa), Metros (Barcelona), Lanonima Imperial (Barcelona), Instituto del Teatro (Barcelona), Norrdans (Suecia), Escuela Varium (Barcelona), Scottish Dance Theater (Escocia), Iwanson School (Munich), Escuela Eulalia Blasi (Barcelona), En-Knap (Eslovenia), Escuela Area (Barcelona), CMD’H – Centro Maxime D´Harroche (Barcelona), Sasha Waltz (Berlín), y Northern School (Leeds, Inglaterra).

Sin 2013 she is based between Barcelona and Berlin